Lots of oddball stuff
So Aiden was called "Pi" for a while and we called Keenan "Cake" just cause it was fun and stuff. Well, then we went through this stage where we called Aiden "Buger". Partially because he would get into everything, but partially because it just seemed to fit. Then he started to not be so into his daddy which was a little of a tear jerker. I thought I had figured out part of it was because Dawn would say "Lets get those bugers out" and then she would basically tie him up and use a Q-Tip to core out most of his nasal cavity and any nearby tissue. Usually this resulted in recovering a buger almost too small to see against the now bloody Q-Tip and other assorted nasal flesh. Well, I'm thinking to myself that I'm saying "Buger", and in that instant just before he winces and falls to the floor in a fetal position and says "no, no, no" over and over again he remembers having his nose "cleaned out". So, I started trying to find another nick name and Dawn tried to use the phrase "snot" just so you know "snot" didn't last very long in my opinion.

Now, I'm calling him Aider-Patater. The little neighbor girl, Ula, is calling him Potato (with some serious emphasis on the last O). Dawn started calling him Tater-Tot, which is really funny if you've ever watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour (all praise the greatness of Ron White).

Anyway, in other news, Keenan has been having a hard time with something. We don't fully know exactly what the deal is, but we've done a bunch of weird medical stuff. He puked one day and had a few diapers that looked the color of peach. We took those to the Dr. (oh, yes, our Dr actually wants to see the diaper which seems weird to me on one hand, but makes total sense on the other). Anyway, he said they were uric crystals like when he was first born. So, now my kid has Gout. Hahaha. OK, just kidding. Between that and loosing some weight (which is like the hugest not good thing in the infant world ever) everyone is a little concerned.

So back to the weird medical stuff. We've had to have a blood draw, which was apparently a huge ordeal for some phlebotomist at the RVMC lab. The way Dawn tells it, it sounds like a full blown horror-movie production with a plot and everything. Actually, anyway you look at the story all the little bruises on the poor guy tells you that it wasn't good. I've talked to our Dr. and asked that next time we have to have a blood draw to just have a nurse in the peds unit do it. I'd really rather go for their blood-sucker person, but apparently she just left for a bigger clinic.

I don't know exactly what it takes to be a blood sucking phlebotomist, but after having met a few of them I'm thinking it is like a one-day clinic and BOOM you're a full blown phlebotomist! Oh well. I'm sure it is probably actually a semester or two or whatever. The downer is that they apparently had to do 3 separate draws because the screwed it up everytime. Some days it just doesn't pay to go to the hospital. When it was all done the lab even noted that the blood draw was masticated (ok, not quite that bad fyi, to masticate something is basically to chew it up).

In the good news, Keenan has been doing a lot better over the last several hours. He took quite a bit of food and only threw up a little bit of it and he isn't looking quite so wore out (his color was a little off and stuff). So hopefully we are past the major portions.

In some good news, Keenan turned 0.5 years the other day. :)

  - Richard on Fri September 3, 2004 at 7:20 am
     - Aiden is 1 and 1/2 years (23 months)
     - Keenan is 6 months

Just stuff
So Keenan is busting in 2 more teeth on the top (he previously only had 2 on the bottom). Given all the fun medical activity as of late, he is doing great. The doctor's did some more tests today and Dawn had to take him in hungry, weigh him, feed him and weigh him again, then collect a urine sample (neat baggy thing they do for that) and then they refrigerated it and sent it to a lab in Portland. Weee. I think tomorrow there is another appointment for something.

In the meantime, I went to Target today and got Aiden a Thomas the Train Jet Engine. He is a huge Thomas the Train kid these days. Since we put CDs in the PlayStation, he thinks that anything that looks like a CD that is out by the TV goes in the PlayStation. So, when Dawn came home with his Thomas DVD, he picked up the PlayStation controller. Well, now if he wants to watch Thomas, he sits down in front of the TV and grabs a PlayStation controller and says "I do". FYI, I love DVDs since you don't have to rewind them! Although, I nearly go insane when I hear the "Boo boo choo choo" song.

Besides "I do", Aiden is also saying "Go away". He has a funny almost hissing sound for when stuff is yucky. And he tries to say "Hot", but just gets to the H part and acts like he is blowing air with his mouth wide open. An interesting combination of telling him his food was hot and then blowing on it. He seems to have combined them. When he wants something, like his milk, he will go to the fridge and say "I do" over and over again. The other great word that all toddlers seem to learn early on is "no", and the upside is that his enunciation for this word is very good.

He has also learned to drag this little plastic patio furniture chair around to get into things. Clari bought it for him and he moves it next to the laz-y-boy and climbs on to it. He also drags it into the kitchen and reorganizes things for you.

Aiden loves the water and will turn on almost any faucet he can get his hands on. Although usually he will find the end of the hose first and take it somewhere near the faucet before he starts it up. Once it is on, he will pretty much water anything on the ground and has a fondness for mud (as evidenced at Grandpa Bill's house the other day).

As for going to bed at night, he rocks. About 9pm Dawn tells him he is going to be going to bed in 5 minutes. Then Dawn tells him again somewhere in between and finally tells him to give his brother good night kisses and get a blanket. Lately, he also gives his mom a good night kiss and then heads into bed. I follow him in and he jumps in bed and we never hear anything more about it. It is great.

Well, time for me to go to bed.

  - Richard on Fri September 10, 2004 at 0:13 am
     - Aiden is 1 and 1/2 years (23 months)
     - Keenan is 6 months