Easter Pics
Aiden and Joey got together yesterday in Central Point to have fun searching for Easter Eggs. Last year at Easter, we were waiting for information on his MRI and had the family over. This year we did some different things. Aiden, Keenan and Dawn went to Central Point and met up with Mindy, Joey and Mindy's mom (Colleen). They did some Easter Egg hunting and Aiden found quite a few. Here are some pics:

Aiden, Joey and Colleen.

Aiden and Joey

Just Aiden

Just Aiden again.

Aiden and Joey talk strategy

The day before my mom and Ramee came over for a little while. We prepared a few pictures, but the only one that really came out was the one from getting ready.

Ramee, Keenan and Aiden.

Last but not least, I went to Medford for the Pear Blossom and stood around for a while. All in all an enjoyable experience, but I used some CopperTone sun screen and apparently it didn't agree with me. Now I have a heat rash on both arms from my wrists to the middle of my upper arm. It looks freaky.

Heat Rash. Oops.

Mighty sexy, huh?

  - Richard on Sun April 11, 2004 at 1:01 pm
     - Aiden is 1 year (18 months)
     - Keenan is 5 weeks