My first nightmare.
Not actually, MY first nightmare, but Aiden's. Aiden is officially 465 days old today (for Shane's purposes, he is 66 weeks since Shane gets a little excited about that whole months/weeks/years thing). One might also say he is a little over 15 months. Anyway, the real reason for this entry is that we think he just had his first nightmare. He went to bed about 8:15pm tonight, which is pretty normal. He woke up a little after 9:45pm crying uncontrollably (which was the only way when he was 3-6 months) and was difficult to console. He didn't want milk and had no apparent physical pain or injuries. He went back and forth between me and his mother and eventually calmed down after about 5 minutes. All of which is pretty close to what they describe for a nightmare.

In other news, I guess we never really talked about the mini-van thing. We went out and bought a Nissan Quest. The Navigator is gone. We turned it in on December 12th before going to dinner with my Dad. Dawn was quite adamant that the next vehicle be a mini-van and I had to say that nothing was even remotely interesting to me in that arena. The entire thought of driving a mini-van was actually quite repulsive and I used the phrase "emasculating" on almost every occasion. We looked at a few and actually my neighbor was willing to give us a great deal on a Ford Freestar or Windstar (being as he is a manager or something at the local Ford dealer).

We looked around at a few and I got excited about the Nissan. I checked with Ed (who has been known to live for car shows) and he said people were talking about the new Quest. So, I figured it was a safe bet.

Right now the plan is for me to keep my car, which will be paid off soon, and go from there. Of course, when Dawn went to get the oil changed this last time they said that there is a manifold leak (don't remember if it was intake or exhaust) which would be $400 and the front passenger electric window motor is seized ($475) - FYI, found the original GM motor and regulator assembly for $209.95 at or you can have an after market version for $94.95.

Now if only I were bored...

  - Richard on Thr January 8, 2004 at 10:17 pm
     - Aiden is 15 months
     - Keenan is 7 weeks before begin born

Is a picture worth 1,000 words?
If so, what are the 1,000 words that come to mind here...

"The crew" back in "the day" (early 1977)

  - Richard on Wed January 14, 2004 at 2:05 am
     - Aiden is 15 months
     - Keenan is 6 weeks before begin born

Economic Recovery?
Well, for those of you who know what we do, we seem to be having somewhat of an "up-tick" in distribution. This week was the 19th best week on record (records start in March of 99)!!! Yeaaaaa! No weekly shipments in 2003 beat this week, 2002 only had 2 weeks appear in the records above this week (weeks 3 and 4 of '02). Most of them are from the year 2000 (imagine that)! Oooh, life is good. Makes Dawn really busy, but she has been great about it! Maybe we can afford to have this kid after all!!!
  - Richard on Fri January 23, 2004 at 9:46 pm
     - Aiden is 15 and 1/2 months
     - Keenan is 5 weeks before begin born

Better than imagined
Dawn pointed out that some of the items on one invoice last week weren't correctly entered into our program. So, we actually ended up tied for 17th best week ever!!! Which leaves us with:
1 week in 2002
1 week in 2001 (and a tie for another)
13 weeks from 2000 (everyone remembers the year 2000 - it was when we all had money)
1 week from 1999

Ohhh, how I hope this is as good as it looks!

  - Richard on Mon January 26, 2004 at 11:28 am
     - Aiden is 15 and 1/2 months
     - Keenan is 4 weeks before begin born